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Our customer service provides assistance with all queries related to your order and is happy to answer your questions and feedback Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM.

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  • We work with the best providers and suppliers in your region.
  • Our partners are carefully sourced and verified to fulfill the Cosmobutler quality criteria.
  • Help us with your feedback to keep our quality high.

Friendly Cosmobutlers

Our Cosmobutlers are more than a courier. They are your friendly butlers who bring the local store to your door: daily until 10 PM and with a smile. Your Cosmobutler is happy to help with any questions about our products and services.

Sustainable, regional, environmentally conscious

  • We care for the environment and employ re-usable and recyclable packaging like laundry bags, and avoid disposable plastic.
  • We work with regional providers to keep transport distances short.
  • We believe in organic and sustainably produced and shipped products.