The best tips for cleaning your home

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Cleaning an apartment or a house thoroughly takes a lot of time. Today we explain what a quick and effective basic cleaning of a flat looks like and show you the best tips for cleaning your flat.

How do you properly clean your home?

Before you start cleaning your home, you should make sure to tidy up. This is the only way to ensure cleanliness. Then you start wiping all surfaces with a damp microfibre cloth. It is important not only to wipe back and forth, but always in one direction, otherwise the dirt will only be distributed.

All floors and cushions are then vacuumed off. Then you can wipe the floors with a mop. First focus on the corners and edges and then clean in the direction of the centre of the room. The easiest way to clean the inside of drawers is to pull a stocking over the vacuum cleaner and carefully vacuum into the drawers.

It is important to use different cleaning cloths for the different rooms to clean the flat, as otherwise one carries the germs around.

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Which cleaning agents are ideal?

For the daily basic cleaning of the apartment you should have some cleaning agents at hand. Chemical agents are not needed for everyday cleaning. These are harmful to nature and our health.

It is important to use an all-purpose cleaner for the floor when cleaning your home. After all, you constantly run over the floor and therefore a lot of dirt accumulates there. An all-purpose cleaner can also be used for windows. But if it should go particularly smoothly, it can make sense to invest in a glass cleaner. It is important to clean windows whenever the sun does not shine directly on them. Otherwise, the window dries before it can be cleaned and then unattractive stripes appear.

For the bathroom and the kitchen one needs a lime cleaner for the fittings. For this one can use vinegar as a natural and favorable variant. You can also clean the dishwasher with a vinegar washing cycle and remove unpleasant odours.

The joints of the tiles in the bathroom and in the kitchen are cleaned with a mixture of water and baking powder. In the bathroom it is important not to let too much moisture come up. Therefore it is necessary to ventilate the kitchen daily, otherwise mould will form.  It can also make sense to wipe the tiles briefly after showering. So no mould can form and you have to clean them less often.

For particularly stubborn stains, it is best to use scouring milk. Here one should be careful however, since this can leave small scratches on sensitive surfaces.

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With Cosmobutler you can hand over your home to a professional cleaner.

A few people clean their home with joy. But most people don't have much fun with it or simply don't have time for it. They prefer to spend their free time with their family or hobbies rather than cleaning.

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