Cosmobutler launches Switzerland's first home services marketplace

Cosmobutler launcht umfangreiche Home Services

Cosmobutler launches Switzerland's first home services marketplace: revolutionizing an entire industry and making quotations obsolete


Zurich, December 6, 2019. Cosmobutler has launched a game-changing home services marketplace. The digital on-demand platform now covers the full range of household cleaning services. On Cosmobutler’s user-friendly marketplace, customers book local and vetted service providers in Switzerland in just a few clicks. The Cosmobutler software eliminates time-consuming steps, from seeking price quotes to processing orders.

To date, Cosmobutler has successfully executed more than 30,000 orders for laundry and carpet cleaning in Switzerland. The founders Alex Benincà and Alexandra Gastpar have now launched a radically new marketplace. It offers a 360° solution to cover the demand for a broader scope of high-quality home services, including home cleaning, moving-out cleaning, window cleaning, laundry & dry cleaning, and carpet cleaning with pick-up and delivery service.

Both customers and service providers benefit from the Cosmobutler software, which makes order processing easier than ever before. The team and IT structure behind Cosmobutler strengthen local cleaning businesses and empower them to benefit from digitization while keeping prices low for customers.

Book home services in just a few clicks

Cosmobutler lets you book the best local cleaning service providers with just a few clicks. The team has developed a simplified booking process with only three steps. In the first step, the customers enter their zip code and see verified service providers in their region, including the providers’ Cosmobutler customer rating, prices, operating hours, and specializations. In the second step, the customers specify details about their order. For example, for window cleaning, the customers may select window size (small, medium, or large). For recurring cleaning services, they may choose the desired number of hours for their weekly apartment cleaning. In the last step, they enter appointment preferences and the desired payment method (by credit card or invoice). The booking is submitted directly to the service provider, who either confirms the date directly or suggests a new time.

And then, all customers need to do is lean back and relax: Cosmobutler's time-saving software takes care of the rest. Order fulfillment is just as convenient as the booking process. "A time-consuming apartment inspection before the cleaning is no longer necessary," says Founder & CEO Alex Benincà. "We have simplified the process in close cooperation with our service providers so that the information provided in the order process is sufficient to start the order immediately. Compared to alternative providers, the customer does not have to worry about the registration, insurance, or tax accounting of the cleaning staff. At Cosmobutler, the displayed price is all-inclusive, without any additional surprises." The service providers bring along all the equipment needed for cleaning. Customers can also make use of the software's option of storing several addresses to book a service for someone else—for example, for their parents or grandparents.

A platform that revolutionizes an industry

And it's not just the customers who are raving about Cosmobutler. Cosmobutler's booking software provided to its partner companies free of charge brings the local cleaning industry into the digital 21st century. "Our IT platform and the simplified order process developed together with service providers, make scheduling, logistics, and order fulfillment convenient and efficient for our partner companies. They save so much time that they tell their existing customers to book over Cosmobutler," explains Mr. Benincà.

"Previously, the companies received their inquiries by telephone or email," adds Mr. Benincà. "They often prepared quotations before the daily business, and it was not uncommon for a day to start at 4 a.m. On average, only 2 out of 100 quotes lead to an order. Home inspections and presentations to the customer remained unpaid. Together with managing the employee calendar, invoicing and dunning procedures, this meant an average of 6 hours of administration per customer. At Cosmobutler, the booking is made directly and bindingly with the service provider. Our system automatically generates the invoices and also starts dunning runs automatically. With the software, they can coordinate the deployment of employees for the booked appointments. For the first time, this allows them to focus exclusively on their core competence."

Additionally, payments for non-binding inquiries, as is the case on comparison portals, are no longer necessary. Cosmobutler only charges the service providers a small commission for binding orders from the marketplace. They bear reduced credit risk and can, therefore, offer customers the same price as they would with a direct booking, but with a much more efficient processing system. Therefore, partners in the cleaning industry are interested in processing all orders via Cosmobutler.

Alexandra Gastpar is the co-founder of Cosmobutler and in charge of partner management. Her responsibility includes vetting, onboarding, and ongoing training in software handling, as well as the expansion of the range of services. "For me, the most exciting part of my work is experiencing how we can optimize processes through software and standardization in a wide variety of companies," she says. "In addition to their day-to-day business, many companies do not have the time to deal with the opportunities that digital technologies offer." Cosmobutler is thereby revolutionizing a service sector that has remained relatively untouched for the last 100 years. As a result of the new process, companies can accept more orders, or enjoy a little more leisure time because they have more resources.

Maximum usability leads to sustainability.

The Cosmobutler founders are committed to making their platform user-friendly for both parties: the customers and the service providers. "We bring you the best service providers in your region," says Mr. Benincà. "We ensure that customers can only rate the service provider they have booked. This means we can provide a level of quality that gives you the freedom to choose from the best service providers and select the ones to suit you best." Cosmobutler’s partners are professionals in their field and can vouch for the quality of their work—for example, by guaranteeing the acceptance of final cleaning for a house move. The process has been simplified in terms of ease of use, is identical for all home cleaning services, and is presented with transparent pricing. "Our philosophy is 'keep it simple and keep it useful,'" adds Ms. Gastpar. "We get rid of all the unnecessary intermediate steps and have removed all the unrequired details. And in the process, we've developed a sustainable solution that sets us apart from other providers in the Gig Economy." The platform also relies on using environmentally-friendly cleaning agents and processes that are kind to humans and nature.

Mr. Benincà and Ms. Gastpar started Cosmobutler in Zurich in 2011. The former roommates were working as consultants and facing the challenge of getting their clothing and suits to the cleaners for pick-up by 5 p.m. An idea that started as a scribble on a napkin then developed into a mobile laundry and dry cleaning provider. Today, Cosmobutler is on the road to becoming the leading provider of all domestic services.

Cosmobutler’s role in the digitization of the housing industry

Cosmobutler’s innovative business model hasn't gone unnoticed in the PropTech scene. As a 'smart cleaning' provider, Cosmobutler is being traded as a strong new asset in the housing sector. PropTech stands for Property Technology and encompasses technological developments in the real estate industry. This is where software and hardware solutions are used to make processes in the sector more efficient for both businesses and end consumers. Real estate managers and facility managers use a white label version of Cosmobutler as a digital concierge service for their residents. Says Mr. Benincà: "We're able to cover the high-end service requirements of serviced apartments that represent a hotel alternative and are occupied by traveling professionals. These residents don't miss out on anything. Inquiries in this area are fast developing, which, of course, we're pleased about." Find out more about Cosmobutler in the property industry at

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About Cosmobutler:

Cosmobutler is a 360° marketplace for household cleaning services. In a simplified process, local businesses, vetted and supported by the platform, can be booked in just a few clicks without booking fees. The partner companies benefit from the free IT environment provided by Cosmobutler, which makes their logistics, order processing, and invoicing more efficient than ever before.

The on-demand platform for home services has been active in Switzerland since 2011. From November 2019 onwards, the ordering of all domestic cleaning services will sustainably take place through the all-new marketplace and by certified providers. Cosmobutler was founded by Alex Benincà and Alexandra Gastpar. The founders are currently driving their expansion into other European markets.