Well prepared! 5 tipps to make your wardrobe fit for the fall season

Fall wardrobe tidy up - Cosmobutler

Next week at the very latest it will get colder outside. When opening the window for the temperature test tomorrow morning you’ll realize – it is cold outside and I need to put on some warm clothes. Here are 5 useful tipps to get you into the new season worry free.

1. Be brave: sort out your old clothes

Make room in your closet. What clothes have you stacked up, that you haven’t worn in a while? Be brave! Take your worn out clothes and dispose of them. Old clothes that are still in good shape should be put in a used-clothes bag and given to a charity organization. That way someone else will be thankful and wear them for a long time.

2. Tidy up and put everything in the right place

What you don’t see, you don’t use. Get an overview by separating your summer garments from your fall clothes. Double check you clothes before hanging or placing them in your dresser. Dirty and wrinkled clothes need to be cleaned and go in the laundry bag. Spotless and pressed garments go in the dresser. Things you wear often should be placed at eye level. That way you avoid browsing through your closet frantically on Monday morning.

3. Space is luxury

Make room. Take out spare hangers – you may put them in your Cosmobutler laundry bag. We will re-used them. Also make sure not to hang your clothes too tightly and don’t stack you garments too high. You’ll avoid annoying wrinkles on your favourite things when it’s time to put them on.

4. Put your summer clothes in boxes to save them from moths

Ensure to properly wash and dry clean your clothes before storage. Then carefully fold your clean and pressed clothes and put them in clothing boxes. Transparent boxes are especially useful as they help you to quickly find your things again next summer. To save time it’s best to sort your things in the order you will put them back in your dresser next season. It’s important to make sure that your clothes are stored in closed closets and dressers. Ensure to add moth-balls to avoid unwanted surprises next spring.

5. Clean and polish your shoes before storing them away

Just like for clothes, summer shoes and sandals need to be sorted. Check what shoes you’re not going to wear in fall. Make sure to properly clean them before putting them away. For leather shoes and boots it is especially important to properly cream and polish them before storage. Don’t just throw away worn or broken shoes – often they just need a proper shoe repair and will look like new again.

We wish you a great start into the week!