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Laundry & Dry Cleaning

  • How do I place an order?

    It's simple! Go to place my order, select a 2-hour pick-up and delivery window and lean back. You may select a number of additional options in your order. For laundry, rug cleaning and shoe care orders you don’t have to mention what and how many items you are submitting. We will take care of the counting and sorting for you.

  • What happens after I have placed my first order?

    You will receive a number of reminders by e-mail and SMS before we come by for your first pick up. One of our Cosmobutlers will visit during the 2-hour time window you selected. For laundry and shoe care orders your Cosmobutler will bring a reusable bag for you to drop off your clothes or shoes. You don’t have to sort your items, we will take care of proper sorting and counting for you. Our Cosmobutler will then take your items to one of our qualified laundry or shoe care partners who will carefully sort your items, count them and professionally clean or repair them. Before your scheduled delivery day you will receive a number of reminders. Cosmobutler will then deliver your items during your scheduled 2-hour delivery window.

  • How do you ensure my clothes, shoes or carpets are not lost? How do you know how many items I gave you?

    We track all our bags through barcodes, which allows us to know exactly where your items are at all times. As soon as your bag reaches one of our processing partners, your items are carefully counted and tagged with your order number. Before packing your items for delivery we count your items again to ensure you receive everything you have submitted to us.

  • Do I get to keep the reusable Cosmobutler bag?

    Yes, you will receive one reusable Cosmobutler bag for free. Every year thousands of plastic dry cleaning bags are disposed as waste. We believe in a more sustainable model, so help us by reusing your Cosmobutler bags. Additional bags will be provided to you for 5 Chf each. Please let your Cosmobutler know if you need additional bags.

  • Is there a pick up and delivery fee?

    Pick up is always free. Our delivery fee on all orders is 7.99 Chf.

  • How am I charged for my laundry order?

    All items are charged per item unless otherwise noted in our price list. (Only) the items listed under “wash and fold” in the price list are charged by kg. There is a 5 kg minimum on wash & fold orders.

  • Do I need to count and separate the items I’m dropping off?

    You don’t need to count or separate your items. Just drop them off in our re-usable bag. Our qualified laundry, dry cleaning and shoe care partners will then carefully count and professionally separate your items.

  • Can you pick up or drop off when I’m not at home?

    Yes, many of our customers have their items picked up and delivered when they are not home. When placing your order please provide instructions where your Cosmobutler may pick up and deliver your items and ensure to select whether your Cosmobutler is allowed to drop off your items at your door if you are not home during your scheduled delivery window.

  • What payment methods do you accept? How am I billed?

    We accept all major credit cards through our payment provider Stripe. Your card is charged with the order amount when we have processed your order and you will receive an itemized invoice by e-mail. If your credit card cannot be charged the invoice will show payment status “open” and you may pay by credit card or debit card at the door upon delivery. Please note that we don’t accept cash

  • What is wash & fold?

    Items listed under wash & fold in the price list such as t-shirts, underwear and jeans are separated by colour, washed, dried and folded. When placing your order you may specify to have your wash & fold items ironed for an additional 2.00 Chf per kg.

  • How do I change an order?

    You may change your orders by signing into your My Account on the Cosmobutler website or web-app. Simply re-schedule your time window(s). If it is not possible to reschedule please contact customer support at 043 960 9466.

  • How much does Cosmobutler cost?

    For all our products and services we offer market-based prices for your area. For the prices in your delivery area please check out our price list.

  • Can I return clothes hangers I don’t need?

    Yes, you may return any Cosmobutler clothes hangers you don’t need by placing them in the outside pocket of the Cosmobutler garment bag and we will take them with us with your next scheduled pick up. Please don’t put the hangers inside your bag as they may damage your clothes during transportation.

  • How can I update my payment information?

    To update your payment details simply go to the billing section in your My Account on the Cosmobutler website or web-app. You may add additional credit cards and select a default card for billing.

  • What happens if I miss my pick up or delivery?

    We will send you a number of reminders before every pick up and delivery you have scheduled. If we are unable to pick up or drop off your items, you will be charged a 9.99 Chf no-show fee to compensate for our Cosmobutler's driving cost and time. To schedule a new pick up or delivery please sign in to the Cosmobutler website or web-app and select a new pick up or delivery window. 

  • What about tough stains?

    We use all our experience and try our very best to remove all stains, however, some stains have become a part of the fabric and are permanent. Additional cleaning attempts will result in fabric damage and discoloration.

  • Can Cosmobutler come at the same time every week?

    Yes, we offer recurring orders with pick up and delivery every week or every second week. We will come by on the same weekday and during the same time window every time. With a weekly recurring order we may pick up your items on Wednesday between 6 and 8 PM for example and deliver them the following Wednesday during the same time window. When we deliver you may always give us new items to pick up.

  • Who cleans my clothes?

    We have developed a screening process for finding and selecting the best laundry and dry cleaner in your area. All our cleaning partners are contractually required to follow the Cosmobutler “guidelines for laundry quality and order processing”. We ensure that our processing partners are socially responsible employers and that they adhere to the latest environmental standards.

  • What happens if Cosmobutler damages or loses one of my items?

    We have developed the Cosmobutler “guidelines for quality and order processing”, which ensure that our partners follow our stringent inventory control, meaning that all items are counted when arriving at our processing facility, professionally cleaned and pressed, and counted again before leaving our facility. It is our highest priority to ensure all your items are returned to you looking great. In the rare occasion where one of our partner employees makes a mistake and an item is lost or damaged, we will work with you to compensate you fairly. The first step is to write us an e-mail to within 3 working days of the delivery date with a brief description of your complaint. If you have received a damaged item please attach images to the e-mail so we can inspect the damage. We will compare the images with the inspection we have done at our facilities prior to treating the item. After our inspection of the case we will come back to you as soon as possible.

    For lost or damaged wash & fold items we compensate up to five times the cleaning cost of the wash & fold load. For lost or damaged dry cleaning items we compensate up to ten times the cleaning cost of the item.

    Please note: It is an absolute rarity that items do get lost. As per our terms and conditions we wait 20 days before declaring an item is lost, as in 99% of the cases items are not lost but have been misplaced by mistake.

  • Who shines and repairs my shoes and boots?

    We have developed a screening process for finding and selecting the best cobbler in your area. All our shoe care partners are contractually required to follow the Cosmobutler “guidelines for shoe care quality and order processing”. We ensure that our processing partners are socially responsible employers and that they adhere to the latest environmental standards.

  • Who cleans and cares for my rugs and carpets?

    We have developed a screening process for finding and selecting the best carpet and rug cleaning experts in your area. All our carpet and rug cleaning partners are contractually required to follow the Cosmobutler “guidelines for carpet quality and order processing”. We ensure that our processing partners are socially responsible employers and that they adhere to the latest environmental standards.

  • What if my Cosmobutler is running late?

    Your Cosmobutlers try their very best to pick up and deliver during your scheduled time window. Due to external factors such as traffic, weather or car issues, in exceptional cases your Cosmobutler may be running behind schedule. We highly value your time and will try our best to notify you ahead of time when we are running late.

  • What if I’m not happy with my order?

    Should you not be satisfied with your order, please contact our support at within 3 working days of receiving your delivery/ order processing date with a brief description of your dissatisfaction and supporting pictures if applicable. We will get back to you as soon as possible and will try our very best to resolve the issue so you are satisfied.

  • Is there an order minimum?

    Our order minimum is 49 Chf. There is a minimum of 5 kg for wash & fold. 

Customer service

Our customer service is happy to answer your questions Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 AM and 2 to 5 PM.

We give you more free time and are looking forward to your feedback.

No quote required, select your service and price, and order online

Select the service provider of your choice based on criteria such as quality, price and availability. Cosmobutler allows you to book your service and extras directly online at any time, thanks to transparent prices, without having to request an offer and wait for a reply. Our service providers will confirm the appointment within one working day.

Only the best Swiss service providers

We work with the best local service providers to ensure that your home is thoroughly and sustainably cleaned. Our partners are carefully selected cleaning professionals with many years of experience. Thanks to regular customer feedback, we constantly check the quality and work at a constantly high level. We also offer additional services such as cleaning the inside of the oven, cupboards, fridge, terrace and garage cleaning.

Ecological, regional, environmentally conscious

  • We use non-agressive cleaning products for your health and the environment.
  • We work with local cleaning experts to keep the driving distance as short as possible.
  • We care about an environmentally conscious cleaning and optimize our processes continuously.