For real estate managers

For Real Estate and Property Managers

As a Swiss Prop Tech company, Cosmobutler offers a white label solution of the platform for Real Estate Managers and properties, which can be integrated into their own tenant portal.


Comprehensive range of services for tenants, complete resource savings for real estate managers and facility managers

Cosmobutler allows a white label integration into the existing Living Services tenant portal. Tenants can select from a variety of home services, choose from different providers according to price and quality rating and order in just 3 steps simply and directly with the service provider. The entire process of placing the order, fulfilment of the order and invoicing is automated via Cosmobutler; the service contract and fulfilment are concluded directly between the resident (customer) and the service provider (provider). Manual coordination and customer service on the part of the real estate or facility manager are thus rendered obsolete.

The Advantages for Tenants and Residents

  • Wide range of home services: Home cleaning, window cleaning, moving-out cleaning, laundry and dry cleaning with pick-up and delivery service, carpet cleaning with pick-up and delivery service
  • Wide range of service providers that can be compared and selected according to price, rating and additional features
  • Direct booking with the service provider, in 3 simple steps - no need to ask for a quote or wait for quotes
  • No coordination or apartment visits required
  • No cleaning agents or equipment required - the service provider provides all necessary cleaning agents and equipment
  • No registration of the cleaner required - registration and insurance is done by the provider
  • Convenient payment by credit card or invoice, directly through the Cosmobutler portal
  • Insurance and complaint handling directly via the service provider

Advantages for Administrations and Real Estate Managers

  • Integration of the Cosmobutler platform on your own tenant portal as white label solution, in your own corporate design, with your own logo (see Example: Simpla - Ökk Insurance)
  • The entire online presence, the booking platform, up to e-mails to the customer are in the corporate design of the real estate manager and can be adapted to the design of the existing tenant portal (colors, logos, etc.).
  • No coordination, invoicing or coordination with the service provider required
  • No manual intermediate steps required on the part of the real estate manager - customers order directly on the Cosmobutler platform
  • Complete saving of resources
  • Increased profitability and ROI of every rental property through complete resource savings

Advantages for Facility Managers

  • No reconciliation, coordination, invoicing or resources required: the entire order placement, fulfillment and invoicing process is automated via Cosmobutler
  • Complete saving of resources
  • Increased profitability and ROI of every rental property through complete resource savings





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